01. The British government has had to [slaughter] millions of farm animals that are diseased.
02. We [slaughtered] the other team 14 to 1.
03. The United Nations is sending in peace-keeping troops to stop the [slaughter] in the region.
04. Fishermen [slaughter] thousands of dolphins after they are caught in nets meant to catch tuna.
05. The pigs will be [slaughtered] in about a week's time.
06. Thousands of people have been [slaughtered] in the conflict.
07. The annual [slaughter] of grizzly bears in trophy hunts has drawn international condemnation.
08. The fashion of decorating hats with feathers declined in the twentieth century because too many birds were being [slaughtered] for their feathers.
09. They are going to [slaughter] the pigs for the market this weekend.
10. The animals spend their entire lives in tiny pens before being [slaughtered] for food.
11. In Southeast Asia, tigers are [slaughtered] for their bones, which are used in Chinese medicines.
12. During the [slaughtering] procedure, an animal is usually stunned before being suspended by a hind limb and then bled.
13. In Somalia, the camel is not only used to transport people and their possessions, but is also [slaughtered] for religious festivities.
14. A leisure activity in Malta which many outsiders find difficult to comprehend is the yearly [slaughter] of birds by sport hunters.
15. Cows are raised by farmers in Burundi, but are generally not eaten because the [slaughter] of a cow reduces one's visible wealth.
16. There is a Polish proverb which states, "Get married, and you will be happy for a week; [slaughter] a pig, and you will be happy for a month; become a priest, and you will be happy for the rest of your life."
17. Assurnasirpal, King of Assyria from 883-859 B.C. boasted that he dyed the mountains red with the blood of his [slaughtered] enemies.
18. In Romania in November of 1940, more than 60 aides of the exiled King, including the former Prime Minister, were [slaughtered] by the pro-Nazi Iron Guard.
19. In 1994, an estimated 800,000 people were [slaughtered] in Rwanda over a period of approximately 100 days.
20. The Ivory Coast of Africa was once the center of the ivory trade for Europeans, who [slaughtered] elephants to obtain their valuable ivory tusks.

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